WRA Response #13

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This week we learned about possible careers in web design and the various steps towards being successful in these careers.  There are numerous skills to acquire before applying to jobs as well as knowing which skills apply especially towards more specific jobs.  It is important to both learn and understand as well as be able to apply these learned skills in all types of work environments in order to have a successful career as a web author or web designer.

If I were to continue on the path to becoming a web designer, I would definitely have to take at least a few more courses in visual rhetoric to learn more about design as well as color schematic.  I would also have to become more familiar as well as more comfortable with html and xhtml coding.  As of right now, I know and understand the basics, but I would need a much deeper and more thorough knowledge of code to even consider web authoring as a career possibility.

Furthermore, I would need to learn more about CSS templates and how they work with the html coding to form web pages. I would need to be able to decipher various codes on pages in order to figure out what is missing or what is wrong when a page is not published correctly.  Basically, I would need a lot more practice dealing with these sorts of issues and I would have to learn how to find creative solutions to common web problems.


WRA Response #12

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This past week we worked on a mock-up of the Detroit Lions logo if Apple were to become the corporate sponsor.  The owner wished for us to “stay on brand” but to also respect that certain elements of the team’s tradition must remain intact.  With that in mind, we were to design both a new logo as well as a text treatment of the team name.

This activity taught me a great deal about branding.  First of all, you need to cater to the needs to multiple people when designing both the logo as well as the text.  The tradition must be upheld so that the team is recognizable, and it must be taken into consideration that the fans expect a certain amount of familiarity with the team logo and color scheme.  Therefore, we kept the basic color scheme, but did an Apple iPod silhouette for the lion.  We also kept the same font for the text, changing its color to the Apple gray with the Lions blue outline.

In this way, we believe that both the tradition of the Lions franchise was upheld as well as the look for Apple (the corporate sponsor) was represented well.  It requires numerous difficult decisions in design as well as knowledge that there will be a certain amount of audience critique when changing a well-known logo, especially for a sports team with a tradition and fans that care about upholding that tradition.  Maybe if Apple really did sponsor the Lions their luck would turn around 🙂

WRA Response #11

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This week’s blog prompt is about our final projects and the content layout after the first usability test.  For my final project, I am designing a website for Broadway performer Gary Mauer.  I designed the homepage and brought it in for the first usability testing.  I was told that the site met all of the usability requirements in that the layout was easily accessible and the navigation of the site is clearly labeled.  The one aspect of the homepage that appealed to everyone was the way in which I embedded the picture on the left side of the page.  It was suggested that I fill the right side of the page (where the content will be) with quotes from reviews of Mr. Mauer’s performances.

I am planning on working with Mr. Mauer to discuss this idea and gather information on which quotes he would like to use should he wish for quotes to be placed in that area.  I am also planning on coding a CSS page in which the gray and black background as well as the navigation bar remain constant for every subsequent page.  I am planning on having the left hand picture change with each page and then keeping the content on the right side of the page.  This way, the pictures on the pages with more content can be smaller in order to fit all of the content and still keep a clean, non-cluttered (as well as centered!) page.

WRA Response #10

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One logo that I believe is put together very well is the apple logo that represents Apple.  It is effective in that it is a simplistic design, yet it is very elegant and visually represents the company’s name.  Also, the logo tends to keep the same color theme that Apple has used: that of shades of gray and white.  The fact that there is a “bitten” piece of the apple allows the logo to be a unique image that represents Apple.  The glossy finish not only contributes to the aspect of simplistic elegance, but it also connects to other icons and images from Apple that also use that common glossy finish. This logo is also effective because it is found on almost every product that Apple manufactures and sells: it lights up on the back of their laptop line and it is found on the desktop as well as on their popular iPods and iPhones.  The circulation of the apple logo on their products helps to unify the company and promote their items and therefore increase their business.

WRA Response #9

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One thing that I have been trying to do that is not working so well for me is trying to make the free CSS templates look how I want them to look.  I was running into trouble trying to change the colors of certain parts and for some reason Dreamweaver did not want to keep the change, and did not apply it to the places I was trying to make that particular color.  I was wondering if I am doing something wrong on the actual template, or if I need to go to the coding section and change the actual code in a certain way.

WRA Response #8

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The prompt for this week’s blog response deals with the various elements that make a website successful.  First, the site must have clean code in order to not only work properly, but to make it easy to edit if need be.  Also, the organization of the website is another key to success as it should be easy for a user to locate the information he or she is looking for on the site.  Along those lines, the site should have certain features in certain places, like a search bar in the upper right hand corner, and a title somewhere on the top to inform the user of what the site is.

The color scheme of the website should correspond to the subject of the site.  The site’s purpose should be clear from not only the color scheme but also the main content.  Text should be kept to a minimum and spaced so that it is not intimidating.  A navigation bar is also important in breaking up material so that it is easy to find.

There should also be a home page that is easy for the user to get back to from every subpage.  This also ties in with the organization of the site.  It is critical that the site is easy to navigate because this will encourage the user to return to the site at a later date.  Users are generally looking for information quickly and therefore the easier it is for them to find what they are looking for, the more likely they will be to return to the site.

Overall, the site should be organized well, have a clear purpose, clean code, an appropriate color scheme, and a clean look just to name a few elements.  The creation of a website requires maintenance to make sure that everything is working properly and updated in a timely fashion, depending on whether the site is mostly static or dynamic.

WRA Response #7

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This week’s blog response is a rough draft for our redesign of our WordPress blogs.  I’m planning on keeping the black background as a base, but I’m going to change my banner to pastel colors, though this may change as I continue to work through the design.

I am also planning on changing the fonts, but I’m not exactly sure which fonts would work best with my current design.  I’m planning on using trial and error as my design changes to change my fonts.  Thus far, I have a basic banner and a few font choices as well as colors.  I will email out a jpg image of my rough draft for the redesign and I am of course open to any suggestions and comments!  Thank you!